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GENERAL: Laboratory tests show that the electrostatic filter retains 93% of environmental contaminants, such as dust, pollen and fibers.

The electrostatic filter creates its own electric charge because when the nylon mesh is joined with the aluminum mesh a magnetic field is formed, according to the principle of electrostatic this causes the dust to be retained more efficiently. Using this filter reduces costs as it does not need electricity to do its electrostatic function, and by doing so keeps the air conditioning equipment clean and thus allows it to operate efficiently.

Electrostatic filters are 100% synthetically electrostatically charged, which actively attract and retain air pollutants. The filter fabric is attached to a galvanized steel mesh, then expanded and then layered. This combination is enclosed in a galvanized sheet metal frame. The electrostatic filter is more efficient compared to normal filters and has a high ability to retain particles and does not sacrifice airflow. The initial pressure drop of a 2″ deep filter is 0.3” WG to 500 FPM. The dust retention capacity in a 24x24x2 filter is 181 grs in a final resistance of 1” C.A.