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GL-Aluminum( “L” Frame)/GLA- Steel(“L” Frame)
G- Aluminum(“U” Frame)/GA – Steel(“U” Frame)
GX-“U” Frame option and extrude blades in

DESCRIPTION: Bypass damper made from galvanized sheet with simultaneous moving blades, 4″ apart, U-Frame. Used for air control applications. Manufactured up to
48″ x 24″ dimensions, almost hermetic closure with self-centering straps and blade caps. With an integrated electric actuator.

MATERIALS: Frame construction and galvanized sheet blades 16 gauge, lateral sealing made from stainless steel sheet, blade sealing made from neoprene. Nylon
bushings and imported galvanized hardware.

FINISH: Natural finish G90 galvanized steel, delivered with an assembled electric actuator if that option is chosen. Sealed plastic packaging