Flexible Duct DFM


DESCRIPTION: Flexible duct with fiberglass insulation and as a steam barrier (against condensation) and an interior duct of double reinforced metallized
polyester film, that carries a copper plating tempered steel spring. shell double reinforced metallized polyester film Available in 25 FT (7.62
meters long).

PRINCIPAL FEATURES IN BOTH MODELS:-Available on from 4” to 20” ( 2” intervals)
-Reinforced and metal interior and exterior ducts.
-Self-extinguishing polyester films and low smoke and flame.
-Higher tempered wire gauge copper plating (more resistance)
-Impermeable packaging and less volume.
-Duct inner diameter = Nominal Diameter +1 / 4 “.
-Immediate shipping warehouses.
-1 year warrant against defects in materials and worksmanship
-Fiber glass from Owens Corning quality and specifications Owens Corning Process ISO9002 RF-3075