Round Ceiling Diffuser JCA

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JC – Aluminum

This diffuser is excellent for heating zones and cooling remote areas like kitchens, manufacturing plants, theaters, sealed stadiums, airport terminals or any place where moving air from an inaccessible place is needed. Because of its stylized design, it´s perfect for new buildings.

This aluminum model is manufactured in 18 and 20 aluminum gauge. The multidirectional body and the rest of the components are manufactured with closed tolerance and from solid aluminum alloys for its posterior finish in electrostatic paint. Between the circular frame and the body it has two felt strips, this provides a leakage proof and a soft movement to turn the diffuser body to the desired direction. A steel screw with a polymer head for a manual adjust operates the air flow, regulating the exit volume with an accurate internal gate. The internal gate is under pressure by a steel spring for its sealed and silent operation. The maximum rotation angle is from 33° to 42° in all the directions from its center axis.

White electrostatic “Vermont” painting, black and natural. Other colors available.

Spot Cooling/Heating Application Adjustable Volume Control Long Air Throws Adjustable Air Direction Easy Installation

From 4” to 16” diameter in 2” increments. Available as 1 jet with round frame and up to 4 jets on a rectangular panel.