Round Ceiling Diffuser FRA

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FR – Aluminum / FRA – Steel

Circular diffuser, all measurements have 3 cones (having as a result an even appearance when diferent sizes are used in the same area) with a discharge pattern of 360° air injection. Round neck. Available in aluminum and steel, also with the adjustable core option that allows having a discharge variable pattern. (FRV-FRVA).

Our aluminum pieces are made with hardness for a higher resistance and are manufactured with the same design as the steel.

Baked electrostatic paint (polyester) white Vermont as standard finish with optional gray and matte black aluminum without any extra cost. Extra foam seal on the frame to prevent dust spots, airtight plastic packaging for fixing screws.

* Note:
-This model is ideal for high air volume sistems.
-A circular connector and a circular volume control
of opposite blades can be attached to this model.
(XA ó CM).