Diffuser A4A

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4-way deflection diffuser, blades at 1” of separationand easy individual adjust. (without the need of a special tool) Available in aluminum, steel in the same design. Optional patterns: 3, 2 and 1-way deflection. The adjustable diffusers have the great advantage to adjust its air injection pattern, adapting easily to any kind of installation. Its curved blades provoke a very small pression loss, besides of being more silent

Our aluminum profiles are made with tempered for strength and are manufactured with the same design as steel. Tempered galvanized steel wire is used in the blades axis to avoid noise and vibration.

Baked electrostatic paint (polyester) white Vermont as standard finish with optional gray and matte black aluminum, free extra foam seal on the frame to prevent dust spots, airtight plastic packaging for fixing screws.

* Note: In measurements of 20” or higher a crossbar is added to conserve the necessary quality and rigidity. Volume control of opposite blades (C or D) can be added to this model.