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GENERAL: FCP polycarbonate filters are easy to install, partially purifying the air in its path. These filters are for light filtration tasks only.
They are for multiple applications both at home as well as commercial in air-recycling systems, filters use carbon-impregnated polyester for odor absorption as well as in bathrooms, kitchen, cigar smoke and for commercial use in restaurants, schools, beauty salons, hospitals, offices, etc. For more efficient filtration FCG granulated carbon is used, this is to filter out strong odors such as acids.

SPECIFICATIONs: Polycarbonate consists of several non-woven stockings that have been impregnated with fine particles of activated charcoal. This medium filter is ideal for removing odors and contaminants from the air, particularly used in recirculating applications such as air cleaners, electrostatic precipitators, room air conditioners, among other applications.
Using fine particles of activated charcoal, polycarbonate increases the surface area available for absorption rather than granulated charcoal.

FILTER MANUFACTURING: Polycarbonate filters are constructed with galvanized frame, screen fabric and carbon impregnated polyester.

-Polycarbonate is polyester impregnated with carbon.
-Completely disposable product.
-Control odors in multiple applications.

LIFE TIME: It is difficult to predict the lifespan of any type of carbon filters as it depends on the level of odor contamination in the area, the best indicator to know when it is necessary to replace the filter is the smell of the people who inhabit the place don these filters are installed.