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GENERAL:  Our pleated air filters are specially designed to operate in a wide variety of installations. They are available in 1″, 2″ and 4″ thick. These filters have an average efficiency range of 25% to 30%. These filters are manufactured with high quality materials in both filter stockings and frames. The design and quality of these filters allow them to be accepted and chosen for multiple applications that require high filtration efficiency. They are suitable for filtering different air volumes, can be faced with different speeds ranging from 0 to 500 FPM in the case of 1″ and 2″ thick filters and from 0 to 625 FPM. For 4″ thick filters.

VERSATILITY:  Heating, air conditioning, or ventilation systems can be greatly improved when using these types of filters. The inherent strength of these filters allows for rapid air filtration without the filter being disassembled, weakened or curved. These filters can be manufactured to any desired size to be able to adapt exactly to any system measurements.

INSTALLATION CONSIDERATIONS: Pleated filters are suitable for use as primary filters but can also be used as pre-filters for bag filters, eco-packs and rigid operating systems offering high efficiency power.

FILTER: Mixture of nonwoven cotton fabric and synthetic material.
FILTER SUPPORT: Metal unfolded in the form of diamonds.
FRAME: Made of sturdy, adjustable cardboard, with perforated sheet and support grilles.

MANUFACTURING:  The perforated metal grille provides rigidity and firmness to the filter. The filter is completely sealed to ensure efficient air filtration. The filters fabric is highly resistant; composed of a mixture of cotton and synthetic material, which is then extended completely and is then reinforced with a metal grille on the side where the air flow enters to prevent the filter from disassembling while its being used. The design of the folds allows the filters fabric to be fully used, thus providing maximum airflow and a very efficient retention capacity.

* The radial shape of the folds minimizes and reduces loss and drop of air pressure.

* The metal grille prevents the fabric from vibrating once the filter is installed.
* The metal perforated sheet gives the frame more rigidity.
* The filter fabric is sealed to remove air deflection.
* Average efficiency is 25%-30%.

OPERATING PRINCIPLES: The pleated filters designed by Vermont ensure high efficiency when contacting air and provides complete protection from dust and other small air particles. Filters on other frames cannot be rigid, they tend to deform causing part of the filters fabric to work. The special (radial) design of the folds minimizes airflow loss. Pleated filters that do not have radial design cause loss in airflow.