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GENERAL: Vermont grease filters are the lightest and most economical available.
The aluminium mean is presented in the filter by resin-glued layers which creates density in those layers and offers better filtration. Grease filters are suitable for residential and commercial uses.

MANUFACTURING: Grease filters have screens that enclose 0.025″ thick aluminum stockings in 3003 H-14 aluminum. The average aluminum is cut and expanded into different opening sizes. The middle layers are accommodated in such a way that those with the larger openings are on the side where the air enters and those with the smaller openings are left on the side the air exits from; This design allows contaminants to get trapped through the entire depth of the filter and not just on the surface. There are 6 standard nominal measurements in height and width. The 1″ depth filters are 7/8″ of actual thickness and the nominal filters 2″ are 1-7/8″ of actual thickness.

OPTIONS: Special measures are made with the specified exact dimensions and are available at nominal depths of 1/2”, 1″ and 2″.
The filter cleaning will be done with degreaser, detergent and brush rinsed with moderate to strong pressure warm water.
Steam or chemicals are unnecessary and not recommended.