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GENERAL: FCG granulated carbon filters are easy to install, purifying the air in its path in difficult filtration tasks. They are for industrial and commercial applications in systems that recycle air or in companies that handle the use of acids or chemicals. Filters use pelletized carbon granules for the absorption of odors from very strong acids or chemicals.


1.1 Granulated carbon filters must be fabricated in a honeycomb-shaped laminate paper in which the cells are partially filled with coconut granulated carbon.
1.2 The level filling must be 50%  or  75% as specified.
1.3 Each filter must be sealed with silicone to retain the efficiency of the coal for installation.
-Virgin activated coconut shell carbon.
-Completely disposable product.
-Control odors in multiple applications.

LIFE TIME: It is difficult to predict the lifespan of any type of carbon filters as it depends on the level of odor contamination in the area, the best indicator to know when it is necessary to replace the filter is the smell of the people who inhabit the place don these filters are installed.