40 Years creating HVAC Industry Solutions

Air is our element – moving it intelligently and efficiently is our passion, this is our philosophy to work and provide complete solutions for the HVAC industry.

Forming part of the International group Vermont Industries, and during our 40 years of experience manufacturing a wide range of HVAC solution products; Verbet Industries have a big commitment to our customers, since we always have the obligation to be at the forefront of providing effective, efficient and environmentally friendly solutions for the increasingly growing and demanding needs of the air conditioning industry.

With our headquarter located in Houston Texas and other sales branch locations in South Houston, San Antonio, Austin, Dallas and Fort Worth, we have the capacity to cover all Texas market.

For the next 5 years our business plan is to cover all the US East market through 10 new branches in to cover markets like Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Illinois, Virginia and New York.

Hector M. Verastegui

Chairman and CEO of Vermont Industries

Hector Verastegui B.

CEO Verbet Industries LLC


Production Plant –  Houston, USA.

Production Plant –  Monterrey, Nuevo León. México.